Trainings for the users

Unique seminars and trainings in 1C business applications and legal regulations

To international companies with subsidiaries in CIS we offer a worked out training program which provides information about the peculiarities of the local legislation and accounting as well as available approaches and IT solutions.

An adequate training of the users is not only one of the most essential conditions for an effective introduction of a management solution, but also it is meant for the user efficiency and the user satisfaction.

Within the scope of our education program we offer individual trainings developed in each case in accordance with the needs of the customer.

The seminars range from introduction overview presentations which help customers orientate themselves in accounting and legal framework, to in-depth technical workshops.

Education program

Target Audience:

  • IT Director
  • Project manager

Duration: 1 day


  • Overview of functionality, technologies and purpose of 1C: Enterprise Platform, 1C: Accounting (1C: Bookkeeping) 1C: Trade Management (1C: Trade) as well as 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management. If requested, the ATiP line extensions as well as branch solutions by third party suppliers will be included.
  • The legal bases which are the cause for the extremely divergent architecture of the business applications in Russia or Ukraine. Comparison of the solution ways in 1C and internationally known ERP systems.
  • Typical construction of the business processes in the area of Purchasing incl. payment of customs duty, logistics, production, sales, accountancy as well as legal bases and practical examples.

The contents can be adapted to your individual demands upon preliminary arrangement.

Target audience:

  • Commercial directors
  • Heads of the representative offices
  • Controllers

Duration: 1 day

Content overview:

  • Overview of the functions in 1C: Accounting, 1C: HR, the Accounting, HR and IAS modules of 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management. If desired, the ATiP product family can be involved because it, from our point of view, exactly complements the 1C standard solutions with components necessary for international companies.
  • Legal basis and accounting regulations for Russia/Ukraine. Examples from practice regarding the set-up of accounting (logically and organizationally) as well as the typical problems and ‘bottlenecks’ of the international companies.
  • Overview of the data of which the standard solutions for applications dispose and the available standard reports. Functionality of the 1C: Enterprise query language and the existing report generators.
  • Examples of costing types in the 1C solutions. Examples from practice how a costing by cost unit or cost center in the 1C-based systems can be set up.

Target audience:

  • Application and support engineers

Duration: 2 days

Content overview:

  • Overview of the functions. Technologies and establishment of the 1C: Enterprise platform, in particular 1C configurators. Explanation of the relevant functions and the basis of the application development with 1C: Enterprise as well as modification. Examples from practice for applications with the English language 1C code are reviewed.
  • Functions of the ATiP administration und integration solution and the report generator. Examples from practice related to report preparation, verification and modification.
  • Peculiarities of the use of the 1C: Enterprise Server and the compatible database applications, in particular the Microsoft SQL Server 2003 and 2008.
  • Traffic optimization and monitoring at RDP operation. The typical ‘bottlenecks’ indicated and solutions for performance optimization and alignment of functions proposed. Specific features of data protection and recovery.

This training is especially developed for companies which use centrally hosted 1C applications (e.g. via RDP) and the applications that work or want to work totally without the Russian language knowledge. The training is related to the (planned) usage of ATiP administration and integration (German or English) because 1C solutions originally offer only Russian language user and administration interfaces.

Contact us to request a full program or to order a training satisfying your needs.

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