How to organize an efficient business in Eastern Europe? The case of a Dutch logistician Wim Bosman

30 Dec 2016

You are expanding your business to Eastern Europe? Despite all the advantages of the region, you will have to overcome quite a few barriers to conquer its markets. How to localize the business processes taking into account the legislative, language and cultural differences and to achieve success? The story of a European logistician Wim Bosman is about it.

What challenges does a business face in Eastern Europe?

Wim Bosman is a large European provider of logistic services. The company has the representations in 7 countries, its warehousing area totals 340,000 м2 and the number of units of the transportation equipment exceeds 1,500. Within the framework of business expansion the enterprise has opened the regional branches in Russia.

In order to organize high-performance operations of the Wim Bosman affiliate it was required to automatize the financial and management accounting, to ensure a data exchange with the corporate system and the head office. To meet these challenges a solution on the basis of the “1C: Enterprise 7.7” platform has been introduced.

The outdated system did not cover all the needs of the enterprise and manual transformation of the reporting in line with the requirements of the head office and the Dutch legislation resulted in high costs. Thus, Wim Bosman had to:

  • Organize a full-fledged accounting of all economic transactions in Russia
  • Minimize financial and labor expenses on transformation of the reporting in accordance with the corporate standards and the legislation of the Netherlands
  • Integrate the applied systems with the internal Trex system of accounting of freight transportation

In order to solve these problems the company has applied to assino.

Wim Bosman has opted for assino because of the following reasons:

  • Large experience in automation of foreign companies in Russia – assino stands for more than 200 employees from Vladivostok to Hanover who for 10 years has been localizing the operations of European enterprises in the territory of Eastern Europe. The company’s clients include Siemens, Huhtamaki, HAVI Logistics and many others.
  • Project approach – assino not only installs software solutions but conducts a complex research based on which it introduces the optimal automation system and ensures comprehensive information and technical support of it.
  • Unique competencies – assino is the exclusive distributor of solutions for localization of foreign business in Eastern Europe as well as a supplier of its own products developed on the basis of many years’ experience.

 “We have chosen the assino company taking into consideration the existence of experience in automatization of the branches of foreign companies of various industries in Russia as well as a complex approach of this company’s specialists to solving the accounting problems”

Chief accountant, “Wim Bosman Rus” LLC

Within the first stage the assino experts have conducted analysis and re-engineering of the business processes, have interviewed the key employees of the Wim Bosman Group. On the basis of it a project has been developed and justified whose main goals were:

  • To update the obsolete “1C: Accounting” and to set up an exchange between the solution and the internal Trex logistic system
  • To introduce “1C: Payroll and HR Management” for automation of the payroll calculation and the HR policy implementation
  • To introduce ATiP: IFRS & GAAP for automation of conversion the reporting in accordance with requirements of the head office and the legislation of the Netherlands

The second stage within the project approach by assino is realization of the designed project. Strict adherence to the vendor’s standards has ensured a timely completion of all the works with the minimum of improvements. What was obtained as a result – read next.


  • The accounting of all economic transactions is automated – the usage of the newest solutions by 1C has increased the overall efficiency of the company activity. The management receives detailed analytics about the business situation promptly which enables it taking the informed management decisions on time.
  • The data exchange between the company systems is organized – the implemented 1C products exchange information with the internal Trex logistic system automatically which allows minimizing the monotonous manual work and reducing the labor inputs of the employees.
  • The branch is integrated in the corporate IT infrastructure of Wim Bosman – ATiP: IFRS & GAAP has provided automatic conversion of the reporting in line with the head office requirements and the Dutch legislation. It has allowed to minimize the labor inputs of the employees, has reduced the quantity of mistakes and has increased the branch manageability.

High performance of the Russian branch has determined further opening of additional branches in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

 “We express gratitude to the assino company for high quality, diligent and timely execution of the works on automation of the Russian branch of Wim Bosman and hope for future fruitful cooperation”.

Chief accountant, “Wim Bosman Rus” LLC

Think of starting a business in Eastern Europe? Then call right now the listed phone numbers – the assino specialists will identify the optimal solution which will meet the specifics of your company. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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