We work to ensure a quick and successful market entry in Russia for our Western European customers. With our help – as experts in both worlds – the different business cultures in the Western Europe and Russia will be optimally matched and interlinked. We will integrate existing or build up required IT infrastructures.
Our Mission

assino specializes in planning, implementation and support service of ERP systems on the basis of the Russian 1C applications and their integration in SAP, Oracle und Microsoft. Having a much longer than a decade experience in the area of automation of business processes, assino is the leading consulting and implementation partner. Big international companies and their representations in the CIS countries have trust in assino. Thanks to assino the Western companies receive competent support at designing business processes to be implemented in their regional branch offices according to the Western standards.

A decisive competitive advantage of assino is the professionalism of its employees. It refers to both consultants and software developers. Knowledge of other languages by many team members of assino serves in international projects to the advantage of every assino’s customer. As well as the assino’s representations in three countries – Germany. Russia and Ukraine. Furthermore, the long-standing experience in implementation of numerous and complex ERP projects contributes to a perfect understanding of the special features of the business processes in international companies. Thus, assino offers to its customers for localization of their business processes optimal solutions and integrated applications in the above mentioned ERP systems.

assino was established in 2001 in Germany. Since its foundation, assino undertakes the integration of business models of different content which are used in Germany and the Eastern Europe. The support of European enterprises operating in Russia or in the CIS countries is provided centrally or through a number of assino’s branch offices on site.

assino’s consulting

assino provides consulting at designing of business processes and in relation to implementation of ERP systems in international companies which want to standardize their internal business processes at their regional branch offices. Everything from the point of view of guaranteeing the maximal transparency of business processes.

assino’s customers can always count on a systematic and comprehensive and, at the same time, individual approach to dealing with their challenges. assino offers to international companies in the CIS countries a wide spectrum of services for optimal organization of the company and effective business development – starting from legal and tax advice up to implementation and support of IT solutions at the planned locations:

  • Implementation of ERP systems
  • Customizing of ERP systems
  • Maintenance of ERP systems
  • ERP project management
  • Consulting in relation to optimization of business processes
  • IT consulting and IT audit
  • Trainings for users
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Legal support
  • Outsourcing of accounting
  • HR consulting


assino’s customers are international companies with subsidiaries and joint ventures in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Mainly operating in the areas of transport, manufacturing and trade.

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