Deilmann Haniel Shaft Sinking

DHSS2The Deilmann-Haniel GmbH (till December 2013 Deilmann-Haniel Shaft Sinking) is 100% owned by J.S. Redpath (North Bay, Canada), the world’s leading group of companies in the field of special works for mining industry operating in the large mining districts on all five continents. Redpath belongs to Deilmann-Haniel International Mining and Tunneling GmbH (DHI) which in turn is part of the ATON GmbH.

Project: Introduction of the ERP system “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” with a multi-language interface and an assino modul for IFRS balancing

Assino implemented “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” with a multi-language interface. As a result, the employees in the Russian subsidiary as well as the employees in the German central offices are able to use the system.

Process requirements:
  • Accounting according to the accounting principles of the RF
  • Salary accounting and payroll administration
  • Timely preparation of reports according to IFRS and US-GAAP standards in the HQ
Technical requirements:
  • Implementation of “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” according to the Deilmann-Haniel company standards
  • Installation of the multi-language interface
  • Data transfer from the existing systems
  • Introduction of the ATiP modules: IFRS & GAAP
  • Implementation and customization of the standard “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” solutions with the multi-language option
  • Development and implementation of the ATiP modules: IFRS & GAAP
  • New system of the cost center
  • Multi-language interface
  • Integration of 1C with ATiP modules: IFRS & GAAP for the central reporting in accordance with the current enterprise standards
  • Training for users, including in the use of systems as well as special features of accounting according to IFRS

Beside the introduction of an IT supported bookkeeping compliant with the principles of the Russian Federation, the ATiP: IFRS technology has been applied. In it a range of settings has been made to enable the Russian bookkeeping according to the IRFS rules.For cost cutting and transparency purposes a “cost center accounting” was implemented.
Head of “Deilmann Haniel Shachtostroj” in Russia:

“Thanks to introduction of the integrated ERP system - “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” - we have received a tool enabling us to economically produce an accounts statement according to IRFS”.

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