GAZ Group

gazThe GAZ group of companies is the largest car concern in Russia. The GAZ group of companies consists of eight enterprises producing pick-up vans, minibuses and trucks as well as military equipment, city buses and travel buses, diesel motors, gear boxes and couplings, cross-country trucks with special superstructures and special vehicles.

Project: Organization of data exchange between GAZ and Volkswagen

Process requirements:
  • Simplification and acceleration of the exchange of production information between the GAZ group and their partner Volkswagen
  • Relief of the employees from the manual work at data transfer
Technical requirements:
  • Reliable data protection during the data transfer
  • Observance of the Volkswagen specifications in the common data tools
  • SEEBURGER BIS Express was configured under the profile “Automotive”
  • For the data exchange a secure double-sided OFTP2 protocol with encrypted data was used – standard in the automotive industry
  • Training for users in the new software
  • GAZ uses the solution for a simpler and faster exchange of production data with the Volkwagen plant in Wolfsburg
  • Data transfer by GAZ is protected
  • Implemented software is fully compliant with the international standards of Volkswagen

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