ilaya_logo_3D2The medical center Medical Ilaya with its multi-faceted specialization was founded in 2011 in Kiev. Soon the clinic became known in the country and abroad for its innovative health care. Up to now more than 5,000 patients entrusted themselves into the clinic’s capable hands.

Project: Introduction of accounting and analysis systems

Process requirements:
  • Cost-cutting at the expense of manual verification and reporting
  • Process optimization in accounting, automatic costing and cost price calculation
  • Effective financial planning
  • Reliable and permanently available financial data
Technical requirements:
  • Implementation of "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management" in compliance with specifics of the branch offices and the company
  • Data migration from the systems existing so far
  • Implementation and customization of the standard "1C: Enterprise 8 - Manufacturing Enterprise Management for Ukraine" solution
  • Integration of the existing business transactions (history) through data migration from the original “1C: Bookkeeping 7.7” bookkeeping system
  • Well-defined structures in bookkeeping and cost allocation
  • IT supported calculation, financial planning and reporting were installed
  • Medical peculiarities were reflected in the functionality

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