Kira Plastinina

kira2Kira Plastinina Style-Modehouse started its first own production in Russia in the year 2012. Clothing, shoes and accessories are produced in Osjory for both labels - Kira Plastinina and Kira LUBLU Plastinina. The production at the Osjory factory covers 100% of the demand for the LUBLU-Kira Plastinina collection and partly for the Kira Plastinina collection.

Project: Introduction of an IT supported accounting for costs and performance on the basis of “1C: Enterprise Trade Management”

Process requirements:
  • Reduction of product costs
  • Timely availability of information for transfer of production costs to the central company offices
  • Optimization of processes in production and purchasing
Technical requirements:
  • Introduction of an IT supported approval
  • Optimization of the "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management“ system
  • Interfaces for the data exchange between the local and the central databases
  • Analysis and optimization of the customer system and employment of the "1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8" release
  • Development and implementation of the accounting for costs and performance as well as the interfaces for the data exchange
  • Standard solution was up-dated and installed in compliance with the head office’s requirements
  • Cost and performance accounting allowed creating conditions for a cost-effective production.
  • Interfaces for the data exchange diminished the time involved and ensured a transparent business accounting.
  • The employed release management ensured the compliance of reporting with the frequently changing tax legislation.

Assino has not only matched the parameters of the accounting and the cost and performance calculation with the requirements, optimized the processes in the salary accountancy and the personnel management but has also created a module for representation of loans and advances and calculation of interest and compound interest. This considerably decreased the number of manual transactions which often led to errors in the report preparation.Thanks to assino “Kira Plastinina” received an automated data input which serves as a base for a product expense accounting in accordance with the planned and the actual costs.
General director of "Kira Plastinina Manufacture"

In the year 2013 with the help of assino an IT supported bookkeeping and cost and performance accounting was introduced for the production of "Kira Plastinina Manufacture" in the town of Ozery, the Moscow oblast.For this installation in the year 2012 we have selected the “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8” software. However, a significant optimization of the typical system configuration was necessary due to the company’s specific requirements for support of the production processes. Represented by assino, we have a partner with a convincing experience record in introduction of IT supported business processes at a production facility.Within the project scope assino has carried out an adjustment of the modules of bookkeeping and performance accounting, salary accountancy and personnel management, distribution management, procurement management, warehousing and production. In addition, assino has developed and implemented the module "Loan, advance, interest and payment of interest of a loan”. One of the most important project goals was the tool with which it would be possible to benchmark the planned costs against the actual – correctly accounted for – production costs. Assino has brilliantly succeeded in solving this problem.Thanks to assino we have received an IT supported automatic data input which records and analyses the data on production and technological operations. Further these costs as well as labor costs will be allocated to products. It is also reflected in a significant modification of the “Cost price calculation” module. Assino adjusted the system to the business processes of "Kira Plastinina Manufacture" the way that production and costs related to it became transparent at all stages. The project was executed timely and within the budget. Additionally, we would like to mention the integral approach and high professionalism of assino. We look forward to further co-operation with assino under the support agreement.

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