Mary Kay

mary-kay-logo11Mary Kay is a trade mark of the US cosmetics corporation Mary Kay Inc., under which all products for face care and decorative cosmetics are marketed. The independent Mary Kay® distribution team accounts for more than 3.5 million members from all over the world that have their own Mary Kay® business and support each other with a particular feeling of community.

Project: Implementation of an integrated 1C: Documenttraffic system

Process requirements:
  • Acceleration of information flow in the enterprise
  • Formalizing and regulation of the document traffic in the business processes
Technical requirements:
  • Computerization of the document approval
  • Automation of the document approval procedure when several data bases in different applications are called.
  • Implementation and customization of the 1C: Documenttraffic module
  • Formalization and regulation of business process of the document traffic
  • Training for users
  • Introduction of an automatic document exchange between several data bases
  • The project was successfully completed and made available for users in the production system
  • Training for employees in the system administration
  • Technical project support by assino

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