r_usturbomashRusTurboMash LLC is the founded by Siemens innovative manufacturer of compressors for oil and gas industry. Along with compressors the enterprise supplies equipment for compressor plants for oil processing, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. In 2013 the contracts on delivery of compressors for the “South Stream” oil pipeline were signed.

Project: Implementation of an integrated system for support of business and production processes

Process requirements:
  • Transparent business and production processes
  • Financial accounting according to IFRS compliant with the Siemens standard
Technical requirements:
  • Tools for data capture from designing to contract
  • Calculation of project profitability according to the POC principles
  • Introduction of an archive for the document flow
  • System integration in the company software
  • Implementation and customization of 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management with observance of the requirements of the company head office
  • Increased transparency of the business processes for the company’s HQ
  • An efficient long-term resource planning
  • Data capture on the basis of the company standard
  • Implementation of an automatic reporting

CFO of "Rusturbomash" LLC:

“As a team work of assino and «Rusturbomash" the project “IT supported processes in RusTurboMash", Perm (Russia) was started. The project goal was IT support of integrated business and production processes in the new joint venture of Siemens – Rusturbomash. The choice fell on assino that set up this company successfully and with a lot of experience in the field of organization and integration of international business processes in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. We got to know assino as a partner for implementation of complex IT systems as well as an expert owning a know-how for efficiency increase of the company processes. Prior to this project in our bookkeeping there was "1C: Buchhaltung 2.0" on the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8.2" installed. The reporting was done manually in accordance with the company standards and the local accounting principles. In order to meet the new requirements in relation to the overall automation of all enterprise divisions of “Rusturbomash” LLC as well as to establish the computer-aided report production according to the international standards, the introduction of a modern highly productive and fully functional ERP system was necessary. Assino conducted a series of international seminars in both enterprises - "Rusturbomash", Perm and “Siemens, Gas & Energie“, Duisburg (Germany). It was followed by a detailed analysis of the business processes for the joint venture and the determination of the functionality requirements for the future “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” ERP system of “Rusturbomash” LLC. At the plant of “Rusturbomash” LLC the latest release of “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management Release 1.3” is used after being installed by assino. The data from the previous accounting system were migrated by assino to the new ERP system. Assino has also customized the user’s interface through which the integration with a special control system of the CDM customer data base was provided. The recently installed IT system covers the following departments of our company: • Bookkeeping and tax accounting • Reporting according to IFRS standards in compliance with the superordinate corporative reporting of Siemens AG • Logistics processes (procurement, warehouse) In the future we are going to introduce IT support of all production processes in the company with the 1C software. We will incorporate HR administration in the "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management, Personnel Management" which is now conducted through SAP in the central offices. We thank to assino for the qualified, reliable and timely execution of the “IT supported business processes in the RTM enterprise" project and hope for a successful future co-operation”.

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