westcallThe “WestCall” group of companies offers telecommunication services that are in line with the international standards of the information technologies. Customers and partners of the “WestCall” group of companies account for 15,000 legal entities. Among them there are international conglomerates, enterprises and trade associations as well as state and social institutions.

Project: Introduction of a modern payroll accounting in the "1C: Personnel Management" system

Process requirements:
  • No manual routine work
  • Tools for a reliable budgeting
  • Employee-related data consolidation
Technical requirements:
  • Migration of the entire personnel record system to "1C:Personnel Management"
  • Harmonization of data at the migration to the new system
  • Reduction of errors occurring due to irregular downloads within the systems
  • Implementation of "1C: Personnel Management"
  • Migration of data from the previous systems
  • Methodical support at the data transfer
  • The data were transferred from old accounting systems into the central data base
  • The employees were relieved from manual routine work and could focus on strategic problems and project tasks

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