In your subsidiaries in the CIS countries you need transparent IT infrastructures which support your business processes integrally? Then assino is your right contact address.
Since the foundation of the company in 2001 assino supports its customers at introduction of management systems at their representations in the CIS. The assino’s goal is to provide efficient and transparent business processes in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, planning and administration. These processes are implemented by assino analogically to the existing systems which are successfully used in your head offices.

1C product family for a complete integration of all business processes

Due to a particularly complex legal situation in Russia and Ukraine – as well as many individual requirements of the user – in these countries a very peculiar market for business applications emerged. It is dominated by local software providers and, in first place, by the 1C company.

All 1C-based business applications offered by assino are founded on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform, an innovative and very well fine-tuned framework of the 1C company. Assino supports you at implementation of all 1C solutions for Russia and CIS. They include:

  • 1C:Accounting: the solution for all 3 bookkeeping types. Thereby this solution has achieved the market leadership in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
  • 1C: Trade Management: the solution for accounting, planning and operational data analysis. Improves the efficiency of the company, the processes run at the company.
  • 1C:Payroll and HR Management: builds up processes in HR management and salary accountancy in full;
  • 1C: Manunfacturing Enterprise Management: the integrated ERP solution by 1C which satisfies all requirements of a manufacturing company.

Assino experts not only dispose of a long-standing experience in implementation of 1C solutions but also they have developed standard solutions in various languages from the drawing board up to the practical application. This know-how is used by assino not only at new projects but also to analyze and to optimize existing 1C installations.

assino Technological Integration Platform – ATiP

For its international customers assino provides solutions out of the ATiP product family. ATiP stands for assino Technological Integration Platform which was developed on the basis of a many years’ experience in international projects. It enhances the tried-and-true 1C solutions to cover functions required by modern international companies.

  • ATiP: Trade & Logistics is a merchandise management and integration solution which is especially used by companies selling their products to Russia/CIS and applying on site proven software for merchandise management and customs duty payment. Larger data volumes are exchanged with the existing ERP system within the group of companies without problems with the help of this solution;
  • ATiP: Administration & Integration with this solution the use of 1C applications in the main data centers is enabled or facilitated. The administration in German and/or English ensures and supports the 1C integration in global IT landscapes;
  • ATiP: IFRS & GAAP allows producing reports and accounting statements as per the international standards on the basis of local bookkeeping without unnecessary double work. At this standard charts of accounts as per IFRS or US GAAP as well as individual charts of accounts, e.g. as per the German Commercial Law (HGB) can be used.

Business Integration Software: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

SEEBURGER Business Integration Server by the SEEBURGER company acts as a centralized process management for the data exchange with any partners and systems and represents a modern SOA-based solution. The solution supports all gateways to the business partners, such as EDI, paper, fax and web, converts the data into the required structures, administers the run processes as per configurable rules, couples with all known ERP systems and monitors the processes.

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Server offers an ideal platform for electronic communication with business partners regardless their size and desired transaction volumes.

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