1C is the basis for integration of all business processes

Due to a particularly complex legal situation in Russia and Ukraine – as well as many individual requirements of the user – in these countries a very special market for business applications emerged. It is dominated by local software vendors but in first place by 1C company.

Assino experts not only dispose of a long-standing experience in implementation of 1C solutions; they have also developed standard solutions in various languages from the drawing board up to the practical application. This know-how is used by assino not only for new projects but also to analyze and to optimize existing 1C installations.

All 1C business applications – offered by assino additionally – are based on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform, an innovative and very well fine-tuned framework of the 1C company. Assino supports you at implementation of all 1C solutions for Russia and CIS. They include:

1C:Accounting: the solution for all 3 bookkeeping types. Thereby this solution has achieved the market leadership in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

1C: Trade Management: the solution for accounting, planning and sales data analysis. Improves efficiency of the company, the processes run at the company;

1C:Payroll and HR Management: builds up the processes in HR management and the salary accountancy in full;

1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management: the integrated ERP solution by 1C which covers all needs of a manufacturing company.

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