1C:Enterprise 8

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1C: Enterprise 8 is a universal software basing platform on whose foundation the newest 1C solutions (“1C: “1C: Accounting“, “1C: Trade Management“, “1C: Payroll and HR Management” and many other) work.

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The “1C: Enterprise 8” platform was developed on the ground of a 6-year experience in the use of 1C Enterprise 7.7 platform which was familiar to tens of thousands of developers and millions of users.

Despite many changes, the new 1C platform kept its ideological succession of traditions in relation to previous versions which allows the “1C: Enterprise 8” to hold the position of the most popular in the CIS region platform developed for automatization of small, medium and large enterprises of different economy sectors.

Новое в «1С:Бухгалтерия» версии 8.3

  • Переключение между разделами учета теперь осуществляется с помощью закладок с названиями разделов и наглядными пиктограммами, что упрощает навигацию. Каждый раздел теперь имеет свою настраиваемую панель навигации, с помощью которой открываются журналы документов и нужные справочники.

  • Поддержка защищенных интернет-соединений.

  • Автоматическое обновление тонкого клиента при изменении установленной на сервере версии.

  • Реструктуризация информационной базы в фоновом режиме, т.е. основная масса изменений конфигурации выполняется в фоновом режиме, без прекращения работы пользователей.

  • Выгрузка структуры и данных конфигурации в набор файлов и загрузка из него: любую конфигурацию можно выгрузить в виде набора XML-файлов. Теперь выполнять обработку и анализ конфигурации можно как программными средствами, так и вручную.

Готовое решение для ведения бухгалтерского и налогового учета
Подготовка бухгалтерской и налоговой отчетности
Ведение налогового учета по налогу на прибыль
Налоговый учет: УСН и ЕНВД
Ведение партионного учета
Возможность настройки счетов учета материально-производственных запасов и расчетов с контрагентами
Учет по нескольким организациям в отдельных информационных базах
Учет по нескольким организациям в единой информационной базе
Учет в обособленных подразделениях
Возможность изменения (конфигурирования) прикладного решения
Многопользовательский режим работы, в том числе поддержка клиент-серверного варианта работы
Работа территориально распределенных информационных баз
Поддержка COM-соединения и Automation-сервера
Использование в режиме веб-клиента

Application area of “1C: Enterprise 8″

  • Automatization of organizational and economic activities in the industry, at trade companies, financial institutions, service providers etc.

  • The problem solving at planning, budgeting and financial analysis of the company

  • Bookkeeping, tax balance and accounting

  • Controlling and reporting

  • Management of several enterprises and multi-currency bookkeeping

  • Salary accountancy, HR management, personnel evaluation

  • Production management;

  • Supply chain management

  • Other application areas

For employers

          • Adapted business processes enable preparation of a formal description of the typical sequence of activities usual for the company, and on their ground the automatic composition of lists of tasks and their fulfillment is ensured.
          • Support of cloud technology which allows operating the usual business application of 1C, without having to purchase expensive equipment and to pay for its installation. Cloud technologies give the possibility to work with the system through the Internet and to know at the same time that its performance and up-grading is the responsibility of the developer (vendor).
          • Support of different types of reporting – hierarchic, multi-dimensional and cross-reporting, grouping and decoding of reports, detailing and aggregation of information, dynamic changes in the structure of the report, various diagrams.
          • Support of different languages and national norms as well as sorting of texts by order.
          • Unique possibilities of scalability of the system offer various options for your work – starting from the personal single user to activity at the large enterprise.
          • High-performance access rights together with the support of cryptography guarantee a high security level at processing and storage of data.
          • The development field enables the user of the 1C: Enterprise platform both to develop or to modify the application solutions independently and to perform this operation with the help of third party experts.
          • Support of different options of taking into operation makes it possible to implement the system both on one’s own and with the help of the franchisee.
          • With the localization of solutions for different regions and countries the developer (vendor) takes care himself of what a guarantee of quality and efficiency at changes in the system represents, in case of changes in the local laws in relation to economic activity and report submission.
          • For Users

                  • User friendly and intuitively easy to understand interface offers simple mastering for beginners and high speed for advanced users.
                  • The possibility to access the system through the Internet, to work in a ‘thin client’ or directly in the web-browser, without installation of the system on the computer of the user.
                  • Work on mobile devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops.
                  • Flexible system of management of analytical reports enabling to easily process the reports.
                  • Powerful search engine capable to search among millions of data records in the database.
                  • A big number of mathematical functions which can calculate standard deviation, dispersion, co-variance, correlation, regression.
                  • The possibility to produce formatted documents – thanks to the integrated language it is possible to define the content of the document and to produce documents of any complexity.
                  • For IT

                          • Cross-platform – the system supports the work with the help of OC Windows or Linux.
                          • The possibility to store the data in both one’s own database management system and in the industrial Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 or Oracle database.
                          • Integration capabilities of the system can enable the interaction with almost all external programs and devices on the basis of generally recognized open standards and protocols for data transfer.
                          • Monitoring tools of cluster server and technology storehouse to facilitate identification of elements of the applied solutions and to avoid unnecessary losses in the RAM storage and the hard disc.
                          • Capability to analyze and to change the configuration by external means (related to”1C: Enterprise”).
                          • Availability of a mobile version of “1C: Enterprise” containing a mobile platform which enables to plan and to compile the application for iOS and Android in the configurator.
                          • Administrator tools can control the work of users and manage their actions.
                          • Developed mechanisms for up-date of the “1C: Enterprise” applications
                          • НаименованиеЦена
                            1С:Бухгалтерия 8 ПРОФ13 000 рублей       Заказать
                            1С:Бухгалтерия 8. Комплект на 5 пользователей26 000 рублей       Заказать
                            1С:Бухгалтерия 8 КОРП33 600 рублей       Заказать
                            1С:Бухгалтерия автономного учреждения 8 КОРП (хозрасчетный план счетов)33 600 рублей       Заказать

                            Important: The platform as such is not a ready-to-use software product but represents a base for development of software solutions (configurations) for certain business problems. Respectively, the users work with a special application (on the “1C: Enterprise 8” technology platform). This approach allows automatizing of various activities through a single technology platform. Currently there are around 100 applications developed by the provider as well as by the partner companies.

                            The current version of this platform is “1C: Enterprise 8.3″ which was published in 2013 and already collected thousands of positive comments by customers.

                            Please contact us or order a call and our experts answer your questions efficiently and promptly.

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