1C:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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1C: ERP 2 is the new No. 1 in the “1C” product line on the basis of “1C: Enterprise 8.3″. In it the best of the “1C: Production” ERP package was preserved but, thanks to the updates of “1C: Trade Management″, “1C: Payroll and HR Management″ and “1C: Accounting″, the functionality has been considerably enhanced.

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1C: ERP 2 integrates now trade and production, supply and traffic management, warehouse and stock management, sales management and customer service, planning, budgeting, cash flow management, bookkeeping records, tax accountancy, accounting according to IFRS, salary accountancy and HR management.

New tools for planning and budgeting:

  • Versioning

  • Calculation of planning indicators

Technological innovations include

  • Developed on the basis of 1C with the current version 8.3

  • Compatible with the Internet and Cloud

  • Mobile versions for iOS and Android devices

  • User friendly user interface

1C: ERP 2 disposes of significantly enhanced functions for management of production and maintenance:

  • Production management

  • Unloading management

  • Regular and one-off orders

  • Dispatch control

  • ‘Bottleneck’ management

  • Loading planning

  • Reparation and maintenance planning (material demand, work volume, operation duration)

  • Estimation of planned and unplanned maintenance

The system update concerns, among other things, the following aspects:

  • Accounting by activity type

  • Approval of applications

  • Flexible distribution set of rules

  • Acquiring operations

  • Itemization by cost factor

  • Control of justification of a calculation

Advantages of this software product:

        • Extensive functions for analysis, planning and management of company resources
        • Integration of all functions which are necessary for the most diverse production procedures
        • The accounting can be conducted in accordance with the local legislation as well as the international standards (IFRS, HGB, US-GAAP)
        • The access to sensitive matters with the help of authorization permissions is granted simply and flexibly
        • The software can be used in Cloud with the help of Slim Client or Web-Client
        • The system supports mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) running on iOS and Android
        • Authorization levels can be adjusted for both a user and a group of users.
        • A three-stage platform enables a scalability of the system connected with a reliable data storage
        • “1C: ERP 2” is an integrated information system for the company management. This ERP solution enables groups of companies to efficiently manage their branch offices in any country because in it all information and business processes of the most diverse subsidiaries or representations are integrated. For each company department it is possible to install a continuous operational accounting and also to prepare reports and evaluations according to international standards.
          The new ERP system is a solution by which big manufacturing companies as well as groups of companies of any kind – even with a technically complicated production – can profit.

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