1C:Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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MES is a system for administration and management of production at departmental level. It improves and supports synchronization, coordination, analysis and optimization of production processes.

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The system administrates equally effectively the production processes at the workshop level and at the departmental level. It is applicable in many industries, including:

  • Machine building
  • Food stuff production
  • Metalworking
  • Chemical / pharmaceutical industry
  • Production of building materials
  • Recycling of waste and recyclable materials

The “MES operative production management” module shows its strengths in interaction with “1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management” and “1C: PDM Product data management”. Where the MEM is used for the long-term planning and for company management calculations: the PDM system, on the other hand, is responsible for development and management of construction- technological product information.

New in the version

  • Operative planning

  • Management of parts lists and working plans enhanced

  • Dispatching

  • Quality management

  • Quality control and documentation

  • Gap analysis

  • Information about planned/actual variances

  • Enhanced reports

For your choice we offer two product options:

  • “1C: MES Operative Production management“;
  • “1C: MES Operative Production management. Special edition“

The last version contains:

  • “MES Operative Production management” installation program.
  • This version was developed for user organizations which are the main buyers of the “Manufacturing Enterprise System” product for work in local networks.

New functional features:

  • Demand management; production of the manufacturing program

  • Modelling of the option portfolios

  • Control of swimming horizons

  • Calculation of optimal delivery and production processes

  • Identification of operational requirements at workplace

  • Planning of single working steps

  • Production control

  • And many other functions

The system enables

Planning and administration of production:

  • Operational planning and re-planning of tasks

  • Creation of production process plans

  • Determination of the demand for materials

  • Analysis of workload for the workplaces

  • Analysis of the current status of production

  • Recording of the finished goods

  • Registration of rejects

Operation control:

  • Registration of products and operations flow

  • Analysis of the current status of single order positions

  • Prognosis and supervision of ‘bottlenecks’

  • Automatic document issuance

  • Reference data management

  • Production, storage and processing of shared reference data


  • Integration in the existing accounting and administration system

  • Synchronization of reference data of the production orders, the materials accounting and the stock-taking

  • Exchange with “1C: Docflow”

For the company

  • Registration and reporting system is significantly fine-tuned; the technical and economic performance is improved. At all stages of production the reliability and efficiency of the data flow on materials, duration, stock and deliveries is guaranteed. Orders are executed quickly and efficiently and the amount of non-productive work is reduced as a result of rational preparation.
  • The system was developed on the“1C: Enterprise-8.2″ platform. Hundreds of users can work in the system at the same time. The network or holding structures can receive actual information about the activity of different departments of the company, because in the solution the mechanisms with shared databases are foreseen, so that a multi-level hierarchical structure is provided.
  • For the user

    Work in the MES system turns out to be comfortable. The system supports at work and offers the users in different positions different possibilities and advantages:

          • Simplification in the production planning and the deadline control
          • Assisting with modelling of the production program, in the production processes, in the operational management of the production and with the control parameters
          • Planning of material requirements, time schedules at usage of special equipment
          • Quality control and its changes at all production stages
          • Assignment of manufacturing orders and observance of terms
          • Administration of reference data, comparison of planned/actual data, changes in parts lists and working plans
          • Detailed planning and charging the responsible people with control after execution
          • Preparation of a working plan. Control after execution of operations
          • For IT

              • “1C: Enterprise-8 MES Operative Production management” was designed on the basis of known by all and proven “Enterprise 8 1C” technology platform.
                A high performance level in relation to productivity, usability, scalability, flexibility and extensive possibilities of the settings are available in it.
              • The IT department can rely in the future upon a safe data storage, powerful performance and scalability. All this is achieved through utilization of a modern three-staged platform with complex company applications.
              • This solution allows to be perfectly integrated with other current systems in the manufacturing.
              • Support in the area of information and technology
              • Please contact us or order a call and our experts will answer your questions efficiently and promptly.

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