1C:Transport Management System (TMS)

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“1C: TMS Logistics” is a software for management of logistics processes. The software is a follow-up of 1C: Logistics Forwarding company management which has already underwent many development cycles.

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The system supports all business processes of a forwarding company in the ‘supplier-warehouse-customer’ process. It differs from other system by that it is simply and precisely adapted to the respective specific technological and organizational requirements of any company.

Neue Tools für Planung und Budgetierung:

  • Versionierung

  • Berechnung von Plankennzahlen

Technologische Neuerungen sind:

  • Auf Basis 1C mit der aktuellen Version 8.3 entwickelt

  • Internet- und Cloudfähig

  • Mobilversionen für iOS- und Android-Geräte

  • Benutzerfreundlicheres Benutzer-Interface

“1C: TMS Logistics” contains the following function modules:

  • Reference data management

  • Forwarding demand management

  • Forwarding order management

  • Buildup of shipping operations

  • Resource management for the shipping operations

  • Shipping execution control

  • Tariff policy management

  • Interaction management

  • Access administration

  • Preparation of analytical reports

  • Visualization of information with the help of electronic maps

This system enables you:

  • To regard the logistics department of the company as a center of financial responsibility and thus it enables taking a reasonable decision about the involvement of third party companies or organizations in execution of any order within the delivery chain. Moreover, to carry out internal business accounting and thereby to build justified prices for logistics services offered by different departments of the company (sales, procurement etc.);

  • to use diverse means of transportation (from airplane to courier) at different stages of the logistics chain;

  • to manage the forwarding process by the company’s own or third party specialists;

  • to freight both as goods (given a goods specification) and in form of assorted lading units (it means boxes, pallets, places);

  • to manage and to control the overall forwarding process;

  • to use integrated electronic maps for route planning.

Vorteile dieses Software-Produktes:

        • Umfangreiche Funktionen zur Auswertung, Planung und Management von Betriebsressourcen
        • Integration aller Funktionen, die für die unterschiedlichsten Produktionsverfahren benötigt werden.
        • Das Rechnungswesen kann gemäß den lokalen Gesetzgebungen sowie den internationalen Standards (IFRS, HGB, US-GAAP) betrieben werden.
        • Der Zugriff auf sensible wird anhand von Berechtigungsrollen einfach und flexibel angepasst.
        • Die Software kann in der Cloud mit Hilfe von Slim Clients oder Web-Clients betrieben werden
        • Das System unterstützt Mobile Devices (Tablet, Smartphones) die unter iOS und Android laufen.
        • Berechtigungsrollen lassen sich sowohl für einen Benutzer als auch für Benutzergruppen anpassen.
        • Eine dreistufige Plattform ermöglicht eine Skalierbarkeit des Systems verbunden mit einer zuverlässigen Datenspeicherung.
        • In first place this system is applicable for technical, technological and business interconnection of the employees involved in the logistics process. The system enables planning and conducting of a company’s own logistics processes in which various means of transportation are used: e.g. shipment from China to Russia via sea transportation, motor transportation at which also other variants are possible – sea, rail and motor transportation. The system supports:

          • the choice of forwarding partners at each stage of forwarding;

          • the selection of a forwarding type both in separate means of transportation and as part of an assorted lading.

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