Specific solutions for Russia

When setting up their business in Russia, companies face choice of a bookkeeping system for their Russian branch office. As a rule, it is about opting for a solution in the existing software system, such as SAP or a system solution on site, e.g. 1C Enterprise. The implementation of an ERP system in Russia is, however, not always possible within a short period of time and, on top of it, often costly. This is due to local regulations and requirements concerning accounting, like for example:

  • Differences between the Russian accounting principles and the international standards
  • Accountancy run in parallel for taxation and commercial law purposes
  • A chart of accounts and documents pre-defined by the state

Assino offers – including on the basis of 1C – a wide variety of standard solutions. They range from computer-aided bookkeeping for smaller companies up to integrated ERP systems for large enterprises.

This way a specific solution for Russia does not exclude standard software. The typical 1C application solutions were developed with the purpose to automatize business processes of a company in Russia.

At development of these application solutions the modules involving MRP II, CRM, SCM etc. serve as the basis.
Thanks to assino you can be confident that your specific solutions for the CIS countries – be it SAP, 1C or any other – will be designed to precisely match your central ERP.

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