Since the company set-up in the year 2001, we regard it as our task to connect with each other the different business cultures of Europe and Russia. For our Western European customers we would like to ensure a quick and successful market entry.

We support our customers at build-up of an IT structure with which the business processes in the Russian branch offices can be optimally represented and managed. Moreover, our team of experts highly competent in the areas of the Russian law, accounting, taxes and IT serves our customers in the following areas:

We integrate your Russian IT with your central system to the extent that you will be able to apply your tools of operational management simultaneously throughout the whole company.

We integrate the reporting of your Russian representation in your central management information system.

We make the success estimation and, therefore, the operating result of your Russian representation comparable with your other branch offices through transformation of the balance of the Russian branch office.

We support you when you want to introduce your centralized logistics solution at your Russian subsidiary.

With our help you can make sure that you bring to or keep at a high level the performance at your Russian branch office in terms of procurement and supply.

We support you at selection and implementation of suitable software at your Russian representation.

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