IT Consulting

As an IT consultancy, assino has a strategic view on the Russian market

You success thanks to our comprehensive consulting

Assino sees itself as a mediator between the Eastern Europe and the Western Europe. In this regard, we know in what the cultures and the habits differ. In Russia it is difficult and probably risk-bearing to invest but with the support of assino you can stand up on the Russian market. Our experience, our know-how and our far-reaching contacts in first place will do both – facilitate your market entry and improve you position on the market.

As a big IT services provider, we are, of course, aware of the advantages of an integrated IT system according to the Western standard. The systems in the Russian subsidiaries can hardly be called integrated – often this integration is very far from the standard expected by the Western companies.

This is where the solutions by assino come in handy. With its help a central IT gets a full access to decentralized systems. However, the existing systems not necessarily have to be replaced. We at assino know and master with our extensive experience the majority of the standard software, data bases and IT systems (including IBM system i, earlier AS/400). Understanding of all Russian systems goes without saying for us.

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