IT advisory service

Assino is a service provider specializing in companies with Russian subsidiaries. Assino embeds branch offices in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries seamlessly in the existing IT landscape. With the help of assino the business processes are transferred to Russian representations faster and more effectively or they are built up on site.

At foundation or acquisition of a company in the CIS countries one faces a lot of challenges. One of them is to connect the existing IT processes with the legal requirements in the CIS countries and to create for the parent company transparent and manageable business processes.

The obvious idea – to transfer the proven business processes from the German head office to the Russian branch office through translation of the user interface and connection to a Russian accounting software – in practice is not that simply realizable.

The inter-relation of bookkeeping with other company’s departments is done in Russia totally differently than in Germany which requires adaptation of business processes and also, of course, their reflection into the company software.

Since 2001 assino supports international companies in establishing efficient IT infrastructures in their Russian representations. Our competency represents a combination of more than 10 years of experience in management, project and consulting with highly qualified young specialists. A number of successfully executed projects and continuously getting familiar with new products and technologies form the basis of our technical acumen.

From the standard software by Russian regional market leaders – such as 1C – to an individually assembled and fully integrated IT system, assino applies modern, oriented to the future concepts and solutions to satisfy specific requirements of our customers. At this assino accompanies its customers all the way through, from a system analysis to concept formation and, finally, implementation of an IT solution meeting the requirements of the company.

Our customers take advantage of our long-standing experience and assino’s expertise in the peculiarities of the legislation and IT in the CIS countries.

Our IT services portfolio consists of:

  • Support at selection of accounting, transport, logistics, warehouse management and company administration software for your branch offices.
  • Concept formation and adaptation of standard systems to the requirements of subsidiaries and parent companies.
  • Development of integration concepts for a productive IT infrastructure with the possibility of a centralized administration.
  • Support at selection of hardware resources for an undisturbed work of all applications.
  • IT-outsourcing
  • Technical support of your hardware and software.

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