IT Audit

Independent examination of your regional business software installation

Incorrect installation of your management system may result in various complications:

  • It requires a lot of workload when reports produced with the use of internal tools are then manually input in Excel by employees;
  • Additional financial expenditures for hardware are necessary because the data bases grow in volume unexpectedly and uncontrollably;
  • Causes delays in information availability.

It negatively influences the credibility of information.

We specialize in the Russian IT world. With pleasure we tell you about the available applications, independently of the manufacturer and show you the way to the optimal solution. The main focus of our work is on complex business solutions by the 1C company.

Based on our extensive expertise in the field of 1C, we can examine your 1C installation quickly and independently.

After the audit you will receive the following detailed information:

  • What version status your software has, when last up-dates were made.
  • The data security and integrity will be thoroughly investigated. Back-up processes and back-ups will be tested.
  • We examine to what extent your software was modified and adapted and whether adaptations and set-ups were done in line with the 1C standards. Based on this information, we can then assess the stability, the reliability and the remaining life cycle of your installation.
  • The users will be interviewed in order to evaluate to what extend the software actually supports their activities and where probable gaps exist which definitely can influence the overall company productivity.
  • Naturally, we will also examine whether your business processes are reflected in the respective systems continuously, fully and correctly. Users’ requests will be considered, the feasibility will be checked.
  • It will be tested whether the hardware resources are sufficient, respectively, whether the software can be optimized based on the existing resources.

Moreover, our specialists dispose of experience and know-how to track back the data sources of your reports, to verify the mathematical and the factual correctness of the data and to optimize the data base inquiries in relation to your reports. Also, if you only have questions concerning the functional volume or the functionality of a 1C application, we will be glad to help you with them.

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