The IT service outsourcing by assino supports expanding companies and makes the requirements of a dynamic market manageable for them. With the help of assino these companies receive both – optimal capacities in terms of software engineering and an ideal mix through our IT skill on demand. Depending on the requirements of customers, these capacities are scalable – upwards as well as downwards.
Should a roadmap need a different technical level due to technological developments over time, the assino’s customers can take advantage of the adaptable resources. This way they avoid costly investments and can focus on strategic problems. Assino’s customers can have access to a scalable and elastic “Developer-Cloud” and, thereby, react to changed demands for the IT skill.

Our model contains the following important elements of a successful partnership:

  • Dynamic reaction: “up and down” scalable – with shorter reaction time on changing priorities. We invest in skills before the customer would need them.
  • Shared risks: we use our scalability at changes in tasks and minimize the non-fulfillment risks.
  • Knowledge management: special professional knowledge is acquired through satisfaction of different requirements and maintained by stable systems and processes; basis for a quick start-up.
  • Cost efficiency: IT costs directly correlate with the business goals. No HR overhead. No advance investments. No infrastructure costs. No long-term obligations.
  • Outstanding specialist knowledge: implements, as required, enhanced know-how in existing business processes and shortens the integration period.
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