Holistic approach

Assino stakes exclusively on technologies which meet the high requirements in relation to performance, scalability and maintainability and at the same time serve the purpose of economic efficiency.
Assino focuses on the integration and the compatibility of standard components in readily available systems and architectures as well as the customer-specific own development of software solutions.

A holistic approach is in the foreground, ranging from the analysis of the requirements through the implementation run in parallel to the delivery of the software.

We combine our capability to analytically screen the business processes of our customers with the excellent inter-disciplinary work of our e-business strategists, IT consultants, project managers, software developers and designers. Depending on the purpose, we create targeted applications of such technologies as portal developments, web-developments (IIS, PHP), DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Basic, .Net, C++, ASP MS Azure and Google App Engine.

Based on this holistic approach, assino could so far implement its IT solutions ‘in time’ and ‘in budget’ to a very high customer satisfaction without exceptions.

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