Consulting in Russia

The Russian market with its high dynamics and a big growth potential is an opportunity for manufacturers and trading companies. The increasing networking of Western European businesses with their representations in the Russian market has also an impact on the information technology.

Western European enterprises try with the applications like SAP to implement the Western know-how procedure at their Russian subsidiaries. This trend represents a new challenge for IT consulting because large-scale projects in Russia are hardly comparable with those in the Western Europe.

This is due to the established regulations and requirements in relation to accounting in Russia, like for example:

  • a pre-defined by the state chart of accounts and document forms;
  • significant differences between the Russian accounting principles and the international standards;
  • kept in parallel separate accounting for taxation and commercial law purposes;

As a rule, it refers to integration of an ERP system in Russia like SAP or a system solution on site, e.g. a 1C solution, into the central IT system. However, the implementation of an ERP system in Russia is not always carried out in a short period of time and, on top of it, is often costly.

Assino offers – including on the basis of 1C – a wide variety of standard solutions. They range from a computer-aided accounting for small businesses to integrated ERP systems for large enterprises.

In addition, assino is an experienced provider with a quick access to and contacts with authorities, institutions and companies. Represented by assino, you also have an international partner when it comes to an efficient project relocation. Assino is on your side when it goes about observance of the basic legal terms and conditions as well as special requirements.

If you operate in CIS countries, assino helps you with optimization of your projects. Assino identifies what you can improve and supports you when resolving topical issues.

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