Bookkeeping Outsourcing

Complexity, over-regulation, formalism and frequent legal changes in bookkeeping, payroll accounting and labor tracking are seen as typical characteristics of the Russian reporting. Significant differences between international and Russian reporting create additional difficulties which make the local reporting often non-transparent and, therefore, it becomes for the international management as good as useless.

Services offered:

Assino disposes of different services for finding a solution:

  • Bookkeeping and Reporting for your company in compliance with different tax systems
  • Outsourcing of Bookkeeping, Management, Personnel and Tax reporting:
    • Production and delivery of the obligatory tax reports
    • Business reporting
    • Documentation compliant with the internal organizational requirements
  • Recovery of accounting
  • Consulting and support at establishing of your own accountancy, including a competent installation of 1C applications


Avoiding misinterpretations, e.g. risks in financial, tax and sales areas which can arise due to the peculiarities of local regulations and possible non-conforming actions of employees
  • Obligatory enterprise reporting
  • Bookkeeping and Reporting is ensured through a legally valid contract with a legal entity which is responsible for data accuracy
  • Independent of losses caused by illness, fluctuation and non-conforming actions
Economic efficiency: quicker launch of the business
  • The processing of documents will be carried out by highly qualified professionals with a long-standing experience
  • The bookkeeping will be conducted in a specially designed software system
  • The customer can focus on development of his business, instead of reacting to formal and regulating requirements
  • Bookkeeping and Reporting are timely available at the business launch
  • No need for a significant investment to establish your own bookkeeping department

Why outsource the bookkeeping to assino?

  • Short reaction time thanks to our geographically well situated office network in Russia, Ukraine and the other CIS countries
  • Extremely high professional competency level of our staff members – attained since 2001 in a row of successfully completed similar projects
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