In the Western countries the operative enterprise management of the subsidiaries is a usual responsibility of the parent company. The indicators generated by the ERP systems are largely standardized and in international companies also show a homogeneous picture.

To integrate in this system a Russian daughter company is an ambitious task. In Russia business processes – in particular in accounting – are run differently than in the EU and have absolutely dissimilar rules in the financial sphere.

Hence, for the central reporting the tables are produced with a high involvement of manual work and then input into the central system. Such a practice results in delays in time and additional work – both at the enterprise headquarters and in Russia.

Assino integrates your Russian IT with the central system to the extent that you will be able to use your tools for operative management throughout the whole enterprise at the same time. You will receive information from your Russian subsidiary so immediately that you will be able to take your decisions faster and more confidently.

Your representation in Russia will be incorporated by assino in your international structures, so that you, despite the specific bookkeeping principles existing at your Russian subsidiary, will have a simultaneous business management overview of all divisions of the company.

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