Financial management

Finances are one of the most important departments of the enterprise which has to ensure a problem-free activity. The automation of the financial management is an indispensable component of an effective work in the modern enterprise.

Financial management

The solutions by assino in relation to financial management help you with accounting and saving money through it. With it you are able to monitor income and expenses as well as important financial indexes accurately and efficiently. Also you have a possibility to take the right management and financial decisions. For a healthy growth of your enterprise it plays a crucial role.

Assino offers ready-made solutions for the financial management. They are developed on the basis of products by leading international and Russian software providers (1C, Microsoft, SAP). Assino applies flexible IT tools which allow to manage and to control the business processes of your enterprise the way you want. With their help any time you get reliable information about the financial situation of your enterprise. It enables to analyze strengths and weaknesses of the financial system and to take operative management decisions.

What advantages does it offer?

  • Your enterprise management improves.
  • You receive the whole picture of the important financial parameters of your company.
  • You have a computer-aided issuance of financial reports containing trustworthy financial information.
  • You have the possibility to track back the origin of every indicator.

This is exactly what you need to succeed and to successfully develop further.

Our customers that apply the assino solutions include Huber Packaging Group, Deilmann Haniel Shaft Sinking, HAVI Logistics and many others.

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