HR consulting in Russia

To attract reliable and qualified personnel

Your enterprise operates or is going to operate in Russia or in the CIS countries. Then you are definitely aware that the Russian labor market is not comparable with the Western European one. Although in the last decades the Russian market has changed a lot, still no Western European standards can be applied to it. Here professionals and managers are not that readily available as one is used to in the Western Europe.

Represented by assino, you have a partner that during execution of a large number of projects
for international companies has defined the respective requirements to potential employees and then successfully satisfied the demand for personnel. Assino not only knows who is needed but also was the fastest to create a network on the basis of its knowledge of the Russian market.

The data bank of assino offers a very targeted search in this network for employees fit for the given job. In combination with personal contacts with the candidates and the knowledge of the Russian market as well as the Western European culture, assino finds a suitable recommendation quickly and to the point.

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