IT guidelines and procedures

International enterprises conduct IT-Governance according to COBIT and IT Service Management according to ISO or ITIL or use their own Standards and Procedures. Anyway, there are guidelines valid for the entire enterprise, according to which the IT in the Russian subsidiaries must be established. It is also true for the Compliance rules and Security directives existing in each enterprise which also should be applied.

However, these rules are definitely further spread in the Western Europe and the USA than in Russia, where usually they work under totally different Standards and Procedures. It leads to that neither Russian standard software is laid out to meet these requirements, nor the IT service providers operating exclusively in Russia, nor the majority of employees in the Russian subsidiaries are familiar with these standards.

Now it does not make sense to transfer the guidelines and the procedures applied in the parent company to the Russian subsidiary not only because of high expenditures but also because the Russian legislation must be also obeyed to.

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