Legal advice

Basis for your business success in Russia and CIS

The Russian legal environment is formed by non-transparency and ambiguous application of the law in practice.
The international bank for reconstruction and development rated Russia number 154 in terms of business transparency, next to Congo, Laos and Cambodia.
When starting and proceeding with your business in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, international companies often face numerous challenges. Without a comprehensive legal support often it is not possible to cope with them.

Lack of clarity in relation to regulations can lead to misunderstandings with the local tax administrations, the supervisory authorities and business partners. They often fail to fulfill their contractual obligations.

To solve these problems efficiently a profound knowledge of all related law branches and practical application of law on a daily basis is required.
Assino offers you the legal counselling by highly qualified specialists having an extensive scientific background. With its practical experience assino supports your enterprise in order to avoid and to resolve civil disputes. Assino helps you create a flawless legal framework for the successful development of your enterprise in Russia and CIS.

Legal services by Assino

We are glad to provide you with support in investment, finances, sales, export, development, manufacturing and the rest of business activities in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Our advisors help you to draft legally compliant contracts and agreements. By it they ensure and guarantee that your transactions are in line with the legislation and minimize risks.
Legal support by assino can be a protection against deceitful actions by unfair business partners or corrupt officials.

Assino’s legal advisors offer you a wide range of services in the field of the company law:

  • Consulting and registration of legal entities in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
  • Legal support at re-structuring of an enterprise.
  • Legal support at withdrawal of shares.
  • Structuring of company’s capital, including transactions with legal entities abroad.
  • Merges and acquisitions: structuring and legal support at the acquisition of a business entity.
  • Due Diligence execution.
  • Development and implementation of legal re-structuring in order to increase your business potential through further investments.

Your advantages with Assino:

  • Short reaction time through guaranteed SLAs.
  • Individual consulting of each individual customer and our aspiration to maintain long-term partnerships.
  • Excellent expert knowledge of our advisors due to their long-standing experience in solving complicated and complex problems.
  • Cost and resource savings at the expense of your own legal department which is especially important at a quick foundation of a representation.
  • Minimization of risks due to wrongdoing of your company’s employees.

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