With the SAP applications of the SAP Business Suite you have tried to represent your business processes transparently. You want to have homogeneous enterprise data necessary for easier and
better decision making. Business processes and IT should be matched with the help of SAP applications and gain in efficiency. You want to receive the on-going, uniform for the entire company processes.

As an international company operating in the CIS countries, you face a challenge to transfer your business processes run in accordance with the existing Western European standards to Russia.
As a German-Russian consultancy with international experience, assino offers you unique solution applications for optimization of these processes. SAP as well as local solutions – like 1C: Enterprise – support companies at management of their business processes. Both systems suit for application in the CIS countries and are implemented by assino in international companies either separately or a in a compatible connection.

Combining business consulting and solution oriented implementation of IT assino helps you handle these challenges in the CIS countries. On the basis of the worldwide leading enterprise software
by SAP coupled with local software solutions (e.g. 1C Enterprise) we support you at design of efficient and optimized processes at your enterprise.

Assino is on your side not only as a consultant but also as a partner you trust.
Together with assino you find right solutions for your subsidiaries in the CIS countries and at the same time make a sound investment in the future.

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