Integration of applications / Interfaces

Integration of applications in different languages in distributed infrastructures

Also in the epoch of ‘integrated systems’ we often find different commercial applications in distributed systems which run on different hardware platforms and operational systems. Along with it, as a rule, it goes about data redundancy, different functionality and diverging reporting.

Different systems within the same economies and societies are often ‘integrated’ into the central system of the parent company. If the systems in different economies and societies are implemented, a detailed analysis often leads to another solution. Thus, it frequently happens – even if it is only an interim solution – that the local processes become integrated through the usage of suitable technologies in the superordinate business processes.

Technical Integration

In many cases SAP systems and non-SAP systems have to be integrated.
We integrate all systems and applications with commonly used technologies:

  • SAP interfaces for displaying sub- or special systems
  • SAP Netweaver (ABAP, Web AS, ALE, XI, ITS, …)
  • BAPI/BADI (For extensions within the SAP applications)
  • CIF (Core Interface SAP-ERP/SCM)
  • Various converter tools (ATOS, Seeburger, IM3, …)
  • Individual interface solutions upon request.
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