It is an obvious idea to transfer the business processes existing in the international central offices to the regional representation. The job of supply with the enterprise software is usually limited to translation of the user interface and plug-in into the Russian bookkeeping software.

Unfortunately, in practice it is not that simple. The inter-relation – in particular, of bookkeeping with other departments of the enterprise – is in Russia totally different as compared to Germany, for example. This must be obligatory taken into account at transfer of the standardized central business processes and, of course, also at their representation in the existing company software.

The localization of the business processes can be done in several ways:

  • Integration of the Russian business processes in your enterprise software
  • Insertion of Russian enterprise software with the necessary interfaces into your company enterprise software
  • Integration of Russian enterprise software in your existing system

Whatever complex and singular the expected result should be, assino offers you in this case the solution options tested in practice. Together with you we determine the gap between yours and the commercial processes legally stipulated in Russia. We develop an optimal concept on the basis of your functional, technical and organizational requirements and move it from project planning through development and putting into operation up to support.

We support international enterprises with representations in the CIS countries. Our expert knowledge can be put at your disposal especially in the following areas:

  • Production
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Sales

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